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Desk or studio workspace for your business in London and Amsterdam


Access to digital and traditional machinery, tools, and making workshops


Give back to the next generation through our learning and support programmes

Find a place to work and make in

We provide inspiring, creative workspace alongside cutting-edge making & prototyping facilities. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, designer, inventor, technologist, craftsman or engineer, Makerversity provides the physical facilities you need for your business.

Join a community of unrivalled creative and technical expertise

More than a space we’re a community. When you become a Makerversity member, you join a community of the brightest creative and technical minds. Our two sites in London and Amsterdam are home to over 250 individuals with an incredibly diverse expertise in design, materials, manufacturing and production.

Inspire the next generation

We believe that too few young people are given the opportunity to learn the valuable hard and soft skills that making teaches. Alongside our spaces, we run learning programmes for young people to inspire the next generation of creative and practical minds. As a Makerversity member you’ll have the opportunity to play an active part in these programmes.

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Make It Yourself Teacher Bootcamp 5-6 October

Waarom vo- en mbo-docenten juist nu kennis zouden moeten hebben van 3D printen This is your world. Shape it or…

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Sensemakers: the IoT meet-up + scholarship.

Twice a month on Wednesday evenings we host an Internet of Things meetup – Sensemakers. Together we are launching an…

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Makerversity x Get Started: Hybrid Furniture

Get Started with Product Design There are so many barriers to break through if you want to make it in…

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