Work Experience: Maya

By Charlotte Gilks

How did you find Makerversity?

Through asking my Head of Sixth form, I asked if she could help me find work experience within the creative industry. Her brother had worked at Makerversity, she asked him and he was able to arrange a placement for me.

 First impressions

It wasn’t what I expected, it was a lot better! At first, from just looking at the website I thought the experience was going to quite boring and just a lot of admin, but when I got here everyone was really chilled and I was allowed to be very independent. Seeing the workshops was really interesting as there was a lot of new equipment that I’ve never seen before, but I was allowed to use throughout the week. The inductions were super simple and easy to understand, I was thrown into work which was great! 

What did I work on?

I was kinda nervous when I was told that I could make any piece of clothing that I wanted. After looking at different examples in Fashion weeks, Street fashion and 60’s fashion, I decided on making a black jacket with a collar. It was inspired by a coat that was worn during Tokyo fashion week. After getting inspiration, I drew out my design for my jacket. To make the pattern Jean-Luc, the Senior Workshop Technician, found an old coat that we took apart to form a pattern to follow. We added some adjustments to the design which we then cut onto Calico.

I wanted to add a drop shoulder sleeve, but it didn’t work. Instead of changing the sleeve, I left it as it was, but made further adjustments to my pattern. Once made, I transferred it onto the black, heavy cotton fabric, and finally put it all together!

How was the placement?

The placement was really fun! I was able to design and creative something, as well as meeting some really interesting, creative people.

What did I enjoy the most?

Designing. Usually I’m super critical of my work and never end up making or finishing a piece this quickly. I realised that I need to stop waiting and just go for it even if I make mistakes.

Most challenging?

Making a drop sleeve shoulder. Although it didn’t work out and that’s alright, it really was a pain. I had to keep adjusting things, cutting more calico and watching more tutorials still with no luck. Even though I wasn’t able to make it, it’s now something that I want to try out again after my work experience ends.


Plans moving forward?

Moving forward, I’m going to design and sew a lot more. I’m going to invest more into good fabric. After speaking to Aurelie Fontan, about studying fashion at University, I’m going to do a Foundation year in Fashion before I move out of London to go to University. After talking to her, I saw it as a good way to develop my interests further and find out what aspect of fashion I would want to do a Degree in.

Any advice?

Stop thinking about it and just go for it. Also talk to people and share ideas, it can make you see things quite differently.

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Charlotte Gilks
Posted By Charlotte Gilks