Work Experience: Amelie

By Charlotte Gilks

How did you find yourself at Makerversity?

After completing my Design and Technology GCSE at school, I decided to pursue my interest in the subject by finding a work experience placement online. For my DT coursework, I created a storage box with a tray table that enabled young children to both entertain and tidy up after themselves during long car journeys. I enjoyed this project immensely, so much so that I decided to take up the subject for A-Level and apply for this work experience placement in order to develop my skills and knowledge.

What were your first impressions when you arrived?

Truthfully, I was quite overwhelmed by the sheer amount of different machinery and creators working on projects varying from textiles to woodworking. It opened my mind to all the unusual and unexpected fields in the creative industry. Thankfully, I was welcomed to a warm and comfortable atmosphere that made it easy to focus at the task at hand.

What did you work on during the Makerversity work experience?

I made a couple of items in order to complete my main goal – take advantage of the situation and use as many different machines as possible that I don’t have access to in school! (Especially the massive CNC machine!) I ended up making a box and a small stand to put on my desk, which allowed me to work with different materials as well as machinery.

What encouraged you to apply for a work experience placement?

I wanted to further develop my interest in Design and Technology. I also felt this would be a good opportunity to prepare myself for DT A-Level, which I sorely needed after being introduced to the massively complex projects the sixth form students were working on in school.

What the most challenging task?

Unexpectedly, I found sweeping the workshop floor a much more difficult task than I should’ve done. After all, how much sawdust can one room contain? (A lot.)

What are your plans moving on from here?

Naturally, I will be going on to start studying for my A-Levels in September, so the skills that I have acquired during my time here are sure to make my life easier.

Any advice for those looking to apply for this programme?

Whether you want to hone your skills in your field of expertise or are simply curious to try something new – I strongly recommend applying for the Makerversity work experience. From the vast amount of machinery and specialist fields, there’s bound to be something you’ll enjoy. After all, you miss every opportunity you don’t take.

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Charlotte Gilks
Posted By Charlotte Gilks