Why MV Works?

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We’re launching something quite special today.

MVWorks is a new programme we’ve developed to support ambitious creative individuals – be they artists, designers, makers or something else entirely – doing interesting work with technology.  Its focus is on looking at the future, considering your ambitions and then doing something that will help you get there.  We want to confront head on the tension between making interesting work and making money because we think that’s a fertile place for good things to happen.

It’s a deliberately open programme.  The criteria on eligibility are as broad as we can make them and you can pitch any project or idea that you think will make a difference to your long-term work.  We don’t have loads of money on offer but hopefully enough to create some space for taking some risks, doing something different and taking a longer view.


So,  aside from the nuts and bolts of what’s on offer, why should MVWorks be interesting to you?

  1. Makerversity is not of any one world particularly.  ‘Making’ is a massively broad label that crosses over art, design, technology, science, business and much more.  What this means is that we get excited about and exposed to all sorts of ideas from all kinds of places. We combine this with really valuing technical making expertise – old school and new school.  As a space and community, we’re home to a massive range of technical making skills with the tools, machinery and facilities to match.
  2. We’re a start up – running a space and convening a community of people who do and make an amazing array of things.  This means we’re very practical. We know we have to be entrepreneurial to succeed but we also know we can’t always control everything or predict what will work. This attitude lies at the heart of MVWorks. Working with lots of different creative practitioners and businesses has really taught us that there is no single model of success or growth.
  3. We’re based in a cultural institution and one that has big plans for the future. Over the next couple of years Somerset House will be creating one of the largest cross disciplinary communities of artists, designers and makers with its Made at Somerset House programme and we’re excited to be a part of that. Being at MVWorks also means being part of this bigger programme, which aims to provide a platform for contemporary work and bring all stages of the creative process into the public domain.

So if you think that sounds interesting, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.  Full details of how to apply are here and the deadline is Monday 26th October. If you have questions or want to talk more, just drop us a line at works@makerversity.org.

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