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By Krisi

We’re very happy to be amongst the great lineup of supporters of MODUAL:, a UAL program that prepares students to bridge the gap from “Education to Industry” with an intensive two-week digital collaboration workshop.

Sixty selected UAL students from across creative disciplines will join Prof. Fred Deakin and a team of UAL graduates at a pop-up studio in Somerset House in order to develop their skills of digital collaboration and launch an ambitious social innovation project.

In a bold educational experiment, much of the workshop will be virtual, with students, staff and industry experts dialling in from various locations and using cutting edge digital tools used by teams in the creative industries.

Graduating from Arts Education in recent years has been something of a mixed blessing. With the world economy still in recovery, tightening belts have made graduate jobs in the creative industries harder to come by and unpaid internships an increasingly common first (and sometimes, second and third!) step on the creative career ladder. Where job opportunities do still exist, industry leaders are increasingly looking for multi-talented self-starters who can hit the ground running as part of an interdisciplinary creative team.


At the same time, the ubiquity of the Internet has made starting and promoting a project, start-up or fledgling studio easier than it has ever been. Today’s young creatives who have developed skills and found a calling during their studies can make a remarkably quick rise to professional success, especially when capable of collaborating with peers with complementary skillsets.

Arts Education institutions have and will come under increasing pressure to help their graduates rise to the new challenges and opportunities of building a career in creative employment or entrepreneurship. Moving away from traditional education models that have focussed solely on the individual, leading schools are increasingly focussing on the importance of equipping their students with the ability to find their place within cross-disciplinary creative teams and collaborate effectively with colleagues and co-founders.

University of the Arts London is inviting 64 selected students from a spectrum of creative disciplines across its schools to come together for an intensive two-week workshop in which Prof. Fred Deakin, a team of UAL graduates and visiting industry experts will help them develop their skills in creative collaboration and launch their own start-up projects and creative studios.


In a bold educational experiment, much of the workshop will be held virtually, with students, staff and industry experts rotating between a pop-up studio space in Central London’s Somerset House and dialling in from locations of their choosing.

The workshop will begin by pushing students to take time to reflect deeply on their creative processes, skills, and interests; exploring what impact they would really like to make on the world with their creative abilities. Like-minded students will then join forces to generate creative briefs around their area of shared interest and work together to develop a prototype to achieve their aims. The students will be assisted by a team of graduates of Fred Deakin’s previous workshops at UAL, as well as a range of industry experts who will be mentoring teams throughout the process.

Following intense work on their projects, students will present the outcomes of their endeavours at a launch event at the end of the two weeks to an audience of peers, professionals and potential investors, including social innovation incubator Bethnal Green Ventures who will be looking to help the best projects on the road to realisation.



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Posted By Krisi
Managing Director