V&A Lates

By Esther Ellard

V&A Lates

On Friday 28th we were asked to participate in HACK . MAKE . CREATE as part of V&A Lates, we were honoured to be part of such an amazing line up of makers and showcase some of the Makerversity talent we house. Among the line up were :

Happenstance – Happenstance Workshop is a design company, focusing on quality eco-effective products for the home. They take old milk bottles and plastic waste, grind it down and re-mould it into desirable and eco-friendly products that can be re-melted time and time again to create new products.

RE~MASTER – Recent RCA graduate Sabina Weiss showcased her final project RE~MASTER – a interactive and intuitive way to design digital embroidery. Using her innovative scanner, the user is able to draw their design using pen and paper and have it transformed into a digital vector drawing and turned into a digital embroidery print. Eliminating the need for learning complicated software and creating a more seamless digital experience.

FUZL – Among the recent Design Council Spark finalists – Oliver Theobald showcased his flat-pack – no screws – no glue – clip together furniture.

The non-stop fountain of energy that is Makerversity founder Tom Tobia also gave an inspirational talk about desktop manufacturing; what it is, why it’s a thing, and what it means for the future of manufacturing.

Missed out?

You can catch Happenstance Workshops in our latest Fantastic Plastics series – and learn how to mould and take home your own bowl!

Big thanks to the V&A for putting together such a great night!

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Posted By Esther Ellard