Under 25’s Autumn 2021

By Esther Ellard

Makerversity has always offered 20% of all memberships for free, as part of our residency programmes – Under 25’s and Makers with a Mission.

This Autumn, after a short pandemic related break, we’re back with a new cohort of Under 25’s, using the space and community to further their businesses and projects. Here, we meet them all and learn a little more about what they are up to…

Marta Torrent Boix

I am Marta Torrent Boix, a Spanish product designer and maker based in London.

In my last project “Urban Mines’ ‘ I collected dumped electronic goods from the streets of London and repurposed them into completely different machines. The machines were built to serve as tools that operate in a ceramics workshop. A washing machine was turned into a pottery wheel, a vacuum cleaner into a clay extruder and a microwave into a multifunctional table. After that I created a ceramics collection made exclusively with those machines.

At Makerversity I want to continue working with e-waste components and create new products with them. E-waste represents the biggest and fastest growing type of manufactured waste and it is very difficult to recycle due its complexity. Transforming those goods I am giving a second life to materials that were going to be trashed.

Fred Yates

NoFootprint Ltd is a sustainable technology start-up, in the process of designing small-scale renewable energy solutions to charge mobile phones and other portable devices. Their first project is based on incorporating energy harvesting into clothing, prototyping shoe soles capable of repurposing the kinetic energy from footsteps, into clean and usable electricity. By empowering users to generate their own power, the goal is to divest from the need for fossil fuel infrastructure when using consumer products. After they have proved the concept for their energy harvesting units, NoFootprint is keen to expand into other applications, whereby energy that usually goes untapped can be harnessed for use in daily life.

Dhiresh Nathwani

Dhiresh is a sustainable designer who has worked on a variety of projects from a young age. He is currently studying at a brand new university in Whitechapel, The London Interdisciplinary School working on complex problems, like inequality, sustainability and AI ethics.

Over lockdown, Dhiresh founded a volunteer group called Makers4TheNHS comprised of over 65 members manufacturing 3D-Printed face shields, completely free-of-charge for the NHS. Through this initiative, the group was able to raise more than £18k and manufacture over 6500 visors with more than 45 3D-Printers. All 3D-Printers and leftover material were then donated to less fortunate schools in the London area.

At the moment, he is working at Makerversity on a sustainable beehive project using the circular economy model to reuse cardboard packaging (like Amazon boxes) in conjunction with 3D-printed parts to create beehives. One of the biggest barriers to this project is analysing the research behind beehives to understand the need for them.

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Posted By Esther Ellard