Ultimaker 3 launched at Makerversity London and Amsterdam

By Makerversity

Ultimaker machines feature heavily at both of our sites, with a wide range of applications used by our members. We’ve been lucky enough to have the various iterations and models given to us through the years. Not to break tradition, we are hosting the launch of the newest model, Ultimaker 3.

The next generation has an impressive list of new and improved features that has got everyone at Makerversity itching to try out.


  • An unlimited number of geometry options thanks to its new dual extrusion system that allows the freedom to produce more complex outputs in a full range of engineering materials, including Nylon and dissolvable PVA, and two colour. The impact: design is not constrained, opening up opportunities for experimentation, creativity and innovation.


  • High uptime and maximum performance due to material-matching print core design, enabling users to switch cores optimised for Ultimaker’s own industry-grade materials in seconds. The impact: repeatable, high-quality output is achieved in a low-maintenance environment.


  • Enhanced printer automation that eliminates the guesswork from printing prep. Smart material detection through NFC technology, as well as active bed levelling, tunes Ultimaker 3 to the best possible settings for specific materials and corrects level errors. The impact: anyone, regardless of their role within the business or skill set, can produce a consistently perfect model every time.


  • Advanced connectivity through integrated Wi-Fi capabilities, in addition to USB and Ethernet connections, results in seamless access across the organisation. A built-in camera, connected to open source software CURA allows for remote monitoring of print output. The impact: organisations achieve efficient workflow and access across users.


“Our team is constantly working to evolve the 3D printing market, and the Ultimaker 3 represents three years of development with the goal of delivering a product that serves the needs of demanding businesses,” said Jos Burger, CEO of Ultimaker. “3D printers have historically been tapped by businesses for straight-forward prototyping and short run production. The extended capabilities of the Ultimaker 3 introduce a wide variety of new applications and we’re excited to get them into the hands of professionals that can capitalise on the benefits of 3D printing across a variety of industries.”




ultimaker-3-3 print-core-aa-bb-front

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