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As part of Makerversity’s rolling programmes, we have work placements and U25 memberships on offer throughout the year. Shaleen has just finished her work placements and is now on our free U25 membership, she tells us a little about her experience with Makerversity members as well as her own project to redesign the humble advent calendar.

How did you find out about Makerversity?
I was looking for design jobs, not really having much luck as everywhere wanted you to have experience. that’s when I was told about the Prince’s Trust Product Design program that was running at Makerversity. Having done Industrial Design at Loughborough University I thought this was a great way to make contacts in all areas of design and hoped to gain experience by the end of the course.

What projects did you undertake while you were doing work placements?
Whilst at Markerversity I interned with both Dejan (Densters) and with Marcello (Marcello Martino Design).

Densters are fun monsters which have 2 lives, one during the day as ordinary house hold objects (eg. bookmark), and at night they become a part of a den making kit (eg. holds up sheets to make the fort). I created packaging concepts for the Densters to be sold individually and as a multi-pack.

Marcello Martino Design is a great designer who works with companies and specialises in designing sunglasses. I worked with 2 companies (Tens and Alien Optics) researching current trends, creating mood boards, sketching designs and “CADing up” ideas.

Did you use any machinery we have based here?
Nope, but I did learn about how sunglasses are made with the milling machine and how the lenses are curved. I also had to think about how the packaging would be made using die-cuts and creating a design which would use material effectively and be packaged efficiently.


Now as a U25 member, what project are you working on?
I loved Makerversity so much that I just had to join after my internships. When I was at uni I worked on an advent calendar as a group project. I am now working on getting that design from prototype stage to manufacture. Tom Maughan (group member) is now living in Australia, and I am in frequent Skype calls to get this design hopefully out by Christmas 2017.

What or where would you like to be in 2 years from now?
2 years from now I hope to work on products in a design team. Hopefully designing skis or snowsports/ extreme sports related products.

Any advice to young designers?
Talk to as many people as you can, as everyone has different ideas on design and you can learn something from everyone.

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