Tools For Change : Climate Hack

By Esther Ellard


Makerversity launches a new set of civic hacks to address the big societal issues of our time. Through fostering collaboration between makers and the public we aim to investigate the role that design can play in creating clever and radical solutions to the problems facing our modern world.

The second event in our series explores how we can Hack Climate Change. Our public hack will focus on air pollution. We will run a 2 day hack to tackle air pollution alongside talks, workshops and an exhibition of the outputs.


Clean air is a human right.

In 2018 London breached it’s annual pollution limit in the first month and is the greatest health problem facing cities. Until systematic changes have been made by government how can we make radical change?

This April we are running a 2 day hack to tackle air pollution using our community of designers, makers and technologists. The outcomes from this hack will be displayed in an Exhibition : May 28th – June 3rd.

Join us for the opening activation session where we will be learning insights from the latest research on the global perceptions on climate change, interrogating the brief, defining specific problem areas and beginning the ideation process. This evening will be hosted by Futerra, the agency behind Climate Optimist, a campaign driven initiative to change the conversation around climate change. We’ll also be joined by Stop killing Londoners, a non violent direct action campaign, by Londoners, for Londoners. Aiming to pressure London government for the most robust political response possible in light of our air pollution crisis and Andrew Grieve – Senior Air Quality Analyst at Kings College who will be giving us the most up to date statistical data on air pollution in the Somerset House area.

Talk:  What’s our relationship to nature? How can local communities plus green action change the way we relate to climate? Join us in this Talk to discover two fantastic initiatives that look at ways to reconnect us to our soil.

Agamemnon from Repowering London works with local communities to re-green rooftops and train stations around london as a community lead response to tackle climate change.

Climate Edge use a tech based solution to help us understand our agriculture and soils through data. Their device NEXO is a simple and robust weather station which measures the key climatic variables relevant to crop growth designed to work on farms. 

Workshop: The sun delivers more energy to earth in an hour than we use in a year from fossil, nuclear and all renewable sources combined. Ready to take clean energy into your own hands? Fascinated by the future of power? Join our one day, very practical workshop to create your own DIY solar Panel that will allow you to create a product to charge your phone from the sun. Workshop : June 2nd.  


See below for the full Programme:

Tools for Change Activation Workshop, April 25th

Tools for Change Exhibition, May 28th – June 3rd

Tools for Change Talk, May 31st

Tools for Change Solar Panel Workshop, June 2nd

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Posted By Esther Ellard