Tools For Change : Air Pollution Hack Activation Session

By Esther Ellard

Tools For Change Activation Session

On April 25th we kicked off our Air Pollution hack with speakers from Kings College London coming together with Climate activist groups and the public to re-think the issues surrounding Air quality in London.

Andrew Grieve kicked off the session with an in-depth scientific study of the Air pollution levels around Somerset House, Aldwych area – being one of the highest recorded levels in London. There has been a staggering 7 million deaths worldwide due to air pollution levels. World Health Organisations claims it to be the single biggest environmental health risk. Not to mention the cost on society costing the UK £20 Billion every year.

Stop Killing Londoners – a non violent direct action group By Londoners For Londoners followed up with their message – to reduce air pollutants in London by 80% – their target Sadiq Khan. SKL engage in regular on site demonstrations in highly polluted areas such as Brixton and Southwark.  They use a combination of Activism and Brandalism to raise awareness and put pressure on London policy makers to make change.

Climate Optimist then lead the audience through a design thinking workshop using positivity as a lens through which to think about climate change and the role individual action can play as part of a larger whole.

Over the next few weeks our community of makers and hackers will come up with new ways and means to tackle these issues… watch this space to see how the makers develop the ideas ignited in this session! 

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Posted By Esther Ellard