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By Makerversity

An exciting six weeks lie ahead for Makerversity as a satellite version of our home opens at Selfridges.

As part of the Selfridges Work It campaign, the Ultralounge is turning into another Makerversity. Three Makerversity member teams will be running their workshops from the space. They will be starting with sketches and ideas and ending up with prototypes and products, and the public will be able to watch the whole process.

What will the resident members be making? 

Candy Mechanics will be making your head, on a stick. Working with new techniques and processes, Candy Mechanics will be creating personalised lollipops of your head. From 3D printing to vacuum forming, you can watch and learn about the whole process.

ELK and Cassini Sound will be using sounds from outer space to bring inner calm. They will be making a series of beautiful, handmade products based upon original soundscapes synthesised from NASA data. These cosmic cadences will evoke an uneasy sense of calm and peace, while also prompting the listener to reflect on their place in the universe.

Stööki and Roland will be crafting intricate jewellery pieces inspired by tools from the past, present and future of work. Whether it’s a necklace that doubles as a screwdriver or a pendant that repairs your iPhone, Stööki’s jewellery pieces will become one-of-a-kind artifacts from today’s working landscape.

Get involved.

Alongside these members, plenty of others are getting involved. Slow Journalism Company, Just Got Made and Studio Ini will all be hosting workshops on Tuesday evenings. Learn how to make your own infographic or your own branded stationery and even how to build your own interactive objects.

The Restart Project will also be hosting weekly Friday pop-ups to fix your electronics. Bring in your malfunctioning devices from home and learn how to fix them yourself with the help of a specialist ‘Repair Coach.’


Join us in the Ultralounge on 4 June at 6.30pm to hear the Makerversity team talk about how we are changing the world of work. Click here to book.


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