Sandberg Instituut Open Day – The Value of Creative Spaces

By Makerversity

Sandberg Instituut’s Open Day was pumping with broad ideas, ambitious individuals, forward-thinking courses and interdisciplinary ways of working. There was also some free smoothies and ping pong. But what was great about this open day (not that the free smoothies weren’t fantastic) was that it demonstrates the importance of creative educational spaces. It’s a hub of valuable thoughts, initiative and curiosity. There was an accepting atmosphere, happy to take on inquisitive questions. It is a space that clearly pushes investigation, particularly into the students’ purpose in their practice and into the relationship between their discipline and the outside world.

“Design itself is presented as a tool to organise the relationship with the outside world.”

What was valuable for Makerversity visiting is realising how many parallels we have with these kind of spaces, and why that makes them so precious. We’re both an inclusive, international, interdisciplinary co-working space. At Sandberg, we could clearly see how beneficial this way of working is, especially for produce exciting diverse projects. At Makerversity natural disruptive innovation occurs. Collaboration happens intuitively when surrounded by a variety of disciplines and with an interest in the work and people around you. At Sandberg, if the students feel they need something from another course or want to do a project together, they simply go and do it. At Makerversity, similarly, members are here to develop their own practice but have many overlapping, interweaving interests and projects, resulting in them naturally utilising this space for collaboration.

It’s enlightening hearing about critical theorists who spoke to some architects who were designing a space for fashion designers who looked at optimising materials for music production. By mixing disciplines and backgrounds unique hybrids are created. These fusions are what start new waves in the world of art and design. As is the same at Makerversity, even wider reaches of people mix. Coders speak to engineers who are working with a carpenter who’s making something for a VR simulation which requires textile innovation.

By individuals bringing a talent or interest to the community and combining them, it makes places like Sandberg and Makerversity at the core of some of the most inventive, groundbreaking work.

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Posted By Makerversity