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Do you think you could offer a little bit of time in exchange for a little bit of help?

Last year, some of our wonderful members took part in an award-winning employability programme run by Queen Mary University called QConsult. Hear from Run an Empire, one of our member businesses to take part, below – but first, what’s it all about?

QConsult puts together teams of students to work on a research or consultancy project for a London-based startup or business. Not only does this programme offer students a meaningful opportunity to apply what they’ve learned, it’s proven to be a great way to get some fresh eyes on an existing problem you might be stuck pondering.


So how does it work, you ask?

You provide a team of students with a short project brief outlining the details of a particular problem or challenge. This could be anything from competitor research and analysis to marketing strategies, or user insights to website improvements. So, so many options.

The student teams work part-time on the project over and up to 100 hours, then present their findings and recommendations to you. They’ll work independently but be in contact with you at points throughout, and you’ll all meet in person at the beginning, once in the middle, and for the final presentation.

The QMUL Careers team will be guiding the students the whole time, offering advice, training and support around project management and other vital skills whilst they work on your brief. This means time commitment from you is super minimal – just a few hours in total including time spent developing the project brief.


Ace! So what are the perks for me?

Well, apart from the karma points, you’ll get …

  • Five new minds from a world class uni to set on a particular problem that you may not have had the resources or time to tackle in the past.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re making a making a direct, wonderful and positive impact on their prospects – 100% of students report 6 months later that their project work had a lasting impact on their employability – YAY!
  • You might meet your dream team member. Lovely. Last year over 70% of hosts said they’d be up for offering roles to their team when they graduate and lots have gone on make this a reality.
  • There’s also no need to provide desk space as the work is done remotely. Just a meeting room for the initial face-to-face, mid point check in, and final presentation – simple.


Last year, Run an Empire (Pan Studio) were just one of our member businesses to take part, and here’s what they said:

“Run An Empire is a multiplayer game for runners and walkers that takes place in the real world. We challenged the QConsult team to pull together research on how to market to universities, using examples from other sectors and data on student running behaviour. Over the programme they worked very independently and delivered some considered and focused findings on London universities.

We were impressed with the initiative they showed in the research, collecting baseline data on student numbers, costs and recommendations on next steps. The team was made up of students from a range of departments, from Economics to English.

In total we spent about one hour preparing the brief, including a bit of back and forth with the programme co-ordinators, then a further hour or so of support for the students during the week, with a final presentation at the end. I would recommend the programme to anyone with a specific and focused brief.”


Sign me up!

Ready? Amazing – they’re recruiting for their 2018 spring programme right now. It will run from Monday 8 January to Friday 23 February.

To take part, just send through a first draft project proposal by Friday 3 November.

Still need some more info or ready to send through your project brief? Just get in touch with QConsult’s Programme Coordinator, Ingrid!

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