Project Focus: Spine by Nassia Inglessis

By Makerversity

Spine was an impressive installation made up of two structures that hung from the top of the Stamp stairwell in Somerset House during the London Design Festival. The structures light could be seen pulsing along the vertebra made of new Plumen 002 LED bulbs triggered by PIR sensors and the movements of stair users.


Behind this grand-scale interactive installation is the Design Engineer Nassia Inglessis, a Makerversity Member and founder of Studio Ini. The project went from experimental models and plastic tubing (that took up the majority of the assembly workshop) to completion in little over a month.


The Spine consists of over 100 Plumen 002 LED bulbs, aluminium support and brackets, 2 km of cabling, DMX control systems, PIR sensors and aluminium rigging are just some of the components that make up the structure.


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