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Take a look at our six week pop up Makerversity with Selfridges as part of their Work It campaign.

Three projects were born comprised of members Stooki x Roland Ellis, Candy Mechanics, ELK x Cassini Sound. In these three teams they worked on a variety of projects during their six week residency. They experimented with materials, tools and machinery in their open studios.


Our aim was to engage the public with the making process which comes before the products they buy. All studios were open to the public and there were plenty of opportunities to take part in workshops and talks. These were led by members Just Got MadeThe Restart Project, Slow Journalism Company and Studio Inito name a few.

Stööki and Roland 


Stööki and Roland Ellis have been crafting jewellery pieces inspired by tools from the past, present and future. Whether it’s a necklace that doubles as a screwdriver, a pendant that works with your iPhone or a necklace that communicates with robots, all pieces are one of a kind artifacts from today’s working landscape.

Candy Mechanics

Working with new techniques and processes, Candy Mechanics have been creating personalised lollipops of your head. Using the latest 3D printing technology they have been creating bespoke moulds so you can create your own tasty head on a stick.



ELK and Cassini Sound 


ELK and Cassini Sound have been working on Lonely Speck, Cosmic Dark. Over the six weeks, they have created a collection of ambient music devices made from NASA deep space data.


We’ll be releasing films on each of the projects so keep your eyes peeled!

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