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We want to help you bring your vision to life by providing the visual content you need to make an impact in a way that is accessible, premium and unique….


Novalia adds interactivity to paper, creating immersive experiences for ad campaigns, festivals and events. We also design our own products, such as the Songwriter’s Notebook, featuring a fold out foil stamped…


Vebu is a digital communications agency

Sabat Magazine

A magazine exploring witchcraft and feminism

Paul Monoghan

3D and 2D animation, illustration, graphic design, visual storytelling, concepting

Guiseppe Cariello

A London based multidisciplinary Designer with a focus on Product, Graphic, Packaging, Lighting and Exhibition.

Matt Hodges Design

Freelance graphic designer specialising in design for the arts.

Tim van de Vall

Tim creates educational materials for kids and draws comic strips.

James Jacob Ltd

All things product, furniture, graphics and technology.


Géométrique is a design consultancy producing a diverse range of work spanning identity, art direction, environmental graphics and web design. They create intelligent and meaningful visual communications that respond with clarity…

Merel Bernhardt

Merel Bernhardt is a sustainable designer based in Amsterdam. She has many interests and works on a wide range of subjects. You name it: Architecture, art, food, installations, graphic,  furniture,…

Stack Magazines

Stack selects the best independent magazines and delivers them direct to your door.


Esther is a Graphic Designer working on a variety of projects from large scale murals to art direction and print and product designs. She works in numerous ways with a…

Pan Studio

PAN Studio is an experience design studio. They create work at the intersection of technology, theatre, games and art. They make public installations, immersive experiences, games, digital platforms and playful products.

John Morgan Studio

John Morgan studio was founded in 2000 and has become one of the leading design practices in the UK. The studio has developed a particular international reputation for close working…

The People’s Print

The People’s Print celebrates the new era of DIY textile design. They pioneer ways to counter the negative effects of mass consumerism, fast fashion and globalisation by investing in people’s…

Common Works

Common Works is a Design and Technology studio based in London. Formed in 2013 by Christopher Waggott, Sam Tripp and Jonny Garrill as a platform to experiment across their individual…


Soda is a creative, BAFTA-winning interactive agency mixing the physical with the digital. The team of artists, educational specialists, developers and game designers design and construct products, sites and services…