Coding news

Prosper Robotics

Prosper Robotics builds affordable household robots to do all your chores for you!

Circle Instruments

We built Circle Guitar to generate sounds, textures and rhythms that would be impossible with a conventional electric guitar. By using a mechanical device to strike the strings, rather than…


STEMgem is a wearable smart device kit that empowers you to make real, useful and innovative tech. What will you create?

MattDesl. Studio Inc

Creative coder & generative artist. Works with code and algorithms to create artwork for print, web and installation.


We’ve all been there – you’re in a unfamiliar place or foreign city and you have a craving for a certain food. How do you find the best place to…


Gertjan Jansen is a software developer, creative coder and DIY-electronics experimentalist. His current mission is to develop smart solutions to combat climate change, speed up the energy transition and make…

Tim Thuis

Tim has joined Makerversity in search of new and innovate digital interactions in traditional furniture. He has a great love for visual storytelling, utilising all possible media and tooling. In…

Ultra IoT

ULTRA IoT is a one-stop-shop for modular IoT solutions.

Peggy Bannenberg

After having studied for goldsmith and furthering herself as a designer at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy here in Amsterdam, Peggy Bannenberg has been creating jewelry for galleries, museums and exhibitions….

Social Magnetics

We are building a distributed platform and products that unifies the way people, places, things and services come together and interact in real-time. We are an open R&D organization focused on…


The Hackitarians foundation drives innovation by running the best hackatons on the planet. Amongst other things they help others build developer communities, tap into new potential human resource talent, exploring possibilites…


Machido specialises in developing programmable open source electronic and robotic courses, workshops and team building exercises. They work with schools, children, businesses and galleries around London and beyond.

Blink Image

Blink Image are a design visualisation studio, working primarily with the construction industry. Through creative use of technology, artistry and visual storytelling (using 3d, photography, video and VR) they bring…

Pan Studio

PAN Studio is an experience design studio. They create work at the intersection of technology, theatre, games and art. They make public installations, immersive experiences, games, digital platforms and playful products.


Particle develops, manufactures and sells IoT development kits (Core, Photon and Electron) along with software infrastructure to support them, including developer tools, fleet management and APIs. They also help taking…


East London Kinetics work in physical product design, creative software development, embedded electronics and interaction design to build ‘things that tell stories’. ELK is made up of a product designer…

Common Works

Common Works is a Design and Technology studio based in London. Formed in 2013 by Christopher Waggott, Sam Tripp and Jonny Garrill as a platform to experiment across their individual…