Augmented reality news


Spatialize is a complete Augmented Reality interaction solution comprised of a ring controller and complimentary UI.  

Grip Beats

Inspired by a love for music and led by students with the means to enhance creativity in the community, GripBeats has created a wearable technology which allows users to create, edit…

Humanising Autonomy

Humanising Autonomy is a London-based startup developing natural interactions between people and autonomous systems. Our first product aims to provide novel methods of understanding human behaviour and body language to…

Yijun Yu

Yijun Yu is taking part in the U25 program. She is a concept/interaction designer, experimenting with augmented reality technology on emoji and everyday objects, also a C4D learner


Soda is a creative, BAFTA-winning interactive agency mixing the physical with the digital. The team of artists, educational specialists, developers and game designers design and construct products, sites and services…