Meet the Member: Taur

By Esther Ellard

TAUR is the first high performance electric scooter designed for life on the road. We spoke to Carson Brown, Head of Product, to find out more about the business.

I met my Co-founder Richard when I crashed the Christmas party of a company he founded. We had a good few drinks, then a couple months later we met up again and hit it off. He’d witnessed the rise of rental scooters in California and we both had a shared vision that there was a huge opportunity in Owned scooters in the long-term. The rest is history.

We make electric scooters that are sleek, safe, and built-to-last. From a wider viewpoint, Electric scooters have an image problem which we seek to solve not just with product, but by promoting an aspirational lifestyle – by making them cool.

I think it’s best to be inspired by a diverse collection of people/products/companies. It’s hard to pick out one and say they are deserving of a singular focus. I generally admire brands that have very high product execution. For example – throughout the use of a product a user is constantly surprised by the amount of consideration that must’ve gone into crafting the product experience.

Coming up with ideas always has to start with trapping and focusing on a problem-set, once you know what it is it can take considerable effort to understand it well enough to start generating solutions. For example TAUR has quite a unique rider stance whereby the rider places their feet side-by-side on fold-down foot platforms – they face forward. There are two distinct problems that we noticed and addressed in this single feature:

1) When people step onto an electric scooter they regularly struggle with something that should be simple – where do I put my feet?
2) When riding on the road you need the ability to scope the road to your left and right, traditional e-scooters force you into a compromised stance where you end up with a blind-side.

It turned out by removing the traditional scooter deck and providing dedicated foot platforms we reaped a number of benefits beyond solving the problems above.

At the moment we are heads down concentrating on getting the product out the door and into the hands of customers. Our aim is to set a new standard in the electric scooter industry for what people can expect from a premium brand. That’s everything from purchasing experience to user experience, and all the steps in-between. On a personal-level it’s just about ensuring all of the lessons we’ve learned and iterations we’ve gone through are in the final product, to ensure they are regularly delighted throughout their experience with TAUR.

To find out more about TAUR visit their website here

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Posted By Esther Ellard