Meet Max, Workshop Technician at Makerversity

By Esther Ellard

Yo! I’m Max, I’m a designery makery type person with a very varied skill set covering all sorts of bizarre stuff. I’ve worked on building sites, as a bike mechanic, designed and made everything from furniture to chefs knives. I’m interested in the outdoors and anything I can do that is a bit dangerous – as well as music and sandwiches.

I’m also the workshop Technician here at Makerversity. I first joined as a member of a team designing cool furniture, was here for two years and became extremely fond of the the people and community here (everyone is so nice). When I was offered a position as workshop technician I jumped at the chance to stay here and work with the lovely Adam running the workshops, helping members to make stuff and trying to improve the space as we go along!

The workshops are always filled with interesting people doing a variety of projects so I’m forever learning about new materials and ways to do things. One of the best things about the workshop spaces and running them is the amount of skill sharing that goes on in all forms; member-to-member, staff-to-member and member-to-staff. I’ve picked up niche titbits of knowledge in a load of areas I never ever expected to. I can now tell you the difference between 4 and 5 thread overlocker stitches! (fascinating I know).

Metal work…

My particular interests lie in metal. It is awesome to work with. With the right tools you can cut it, weld it back together, cut it again and repeat (and much much more…) There are lots of cool things being done at the minute with things like 3D Sintering of powdered alloys to create new manufacturing processes and of course the development of CNC technologies is ever increasing. The things that can be made and the accuracy to which they can be made. For me however, fascination lies in the old style machinist/blacksmith/welder knowledge base. Experience is something that I will always value and look for in anyone I hope to seek advice or learn from. There are loads of facets to metalwork all of which have unending knowledge trees that are only really learnable by having a crack! I’ve dabbled in a few bits and bobs in the last couple of years both through my career and as a hobbyist, but some of my favourite things include:

  • Machining aluminium and brass on mills and Lathes – Super fun and interesting to play around with speeds and feed rates in order to get a good surface finish.
  • Damascus forging – Hitting red hot bits of metal with a huge pneumatic hammer until they smush (forge weld) into one bit of metal? – YES PLEASE!

Members work…

There are always new and interesting projects coming through Makerversity on a varying scale. Some of the conceptual stuff is very cool; People using fabric that can be used like fish gills in order to aid in underwater breathing systems, people collecting tyre wear particles directly from the source (behind the tyre) to fight pollution, reusable and durable packaging solutions that reduce waste in the shipping industry – right through to people designing board games (which are very fun to test over a couple of beers). The entire space is swimming with very clever people doing cool stuff and doing it well!


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Posted By Esther Ellard