Meet Esther, Makerversity General Manager

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So Esther, tell us a little bit about yourself

I’ve been part of the Makerversity team since 2016 (and here a bit longer before then as a member!) and am General Manager of Makerversity. I’m first point of contact for new and current members and work with the whole team to provide a great member experience.

I am a born and raised Londoner, I like COLOUR, and i’m currently trying get better at nail art, DJ’ing and running.

Most recently i’ve spent some time in Japan ?? exploring and learning about creative spaces over there. I love Japanese food, graphics & style so it’s been great to live that for a little while. 

What was your journey to Makerversity?

I studied BA Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins and my work was always about ideas and interactive projects rather than more traditional Graphic Design. After graduating I freelanced for a few years – selling artworks, commissions and assisting on & later leading creative workshops. One of those workshops was ModUAL (previously called Collabology), a two week workshop for UAL students about idea generation. That was based in Somerset House and as part of that we visited Makerversity, i never knew places like this existed! I became aware of the Under 25’s programme and applied, to work on improving my real world making skills and develop my freelance work. After being at MV for 3 months on the programme i realised i was so much more productive and happier in a creative community, i never left!

What excites you about Makerversity?

There’s never a dull moment, from all our members working on insane weird and wonderful projects (3D printing food, making accessories from melted plastic bags, chocolate head lollipops) to the events we host and deliver, to the fun stuff (parties!). It’s a real hub of activity and the more you put in the more you get out – and this is all down to the brilliant people who work and play at Makerversity.

Tell us about a member project that particularly excites you?

There are too many! Almost everyday when i speak to members i learn about new exciting projects that are going on. A few recent personal highlights; gender neutral children’s clothes by U25 member Arlo, ceramic designs generated by sound or movement by Common Works (Miko), a shoe that filters air polluted air by current Makers with a Mission, Active Air & children’s clothes that grow with them by Petite Pli.

What drives you in your work?

I am a strong believer that your work should excite you. If it’s not fun…why are you doing it? So making a fun, exciting, open workspace at Makerversity is really important to me and all the people based here and their projects is what drives me. It sounds like a cliche but it’s the people that make the place.

NE$H DJing at Xmas party 2017

What would your one piece of advice for a young person who doesn’t have a clear direction be?

Do everything! If you’re not sure of your direction i think it’s important to be open to new opportunities or projects. Go to events, introduce yourself to people, look out for programmes (like our Under 25’s programme) which could support you in exploring a certain field, and in turn give you some clarity on what gets you excited! Choosing one direction right now does not mean you’re stuck in it for life, you can pivot and change at any time but all experience is good experience. More often than not, people are more than happy to give you advice or 1-1 sessions to talk through your ambitions, you just have to be proactive, polite, and ask.

What are you most excited for in 2019?

I’m incredibly excited for Makerversity to continue to grow this year. We’ve got some amazing members as part of our community and i’m looking forward to finding more and more and personally, meeting lots more people. We want to support the best talent in the startup maker business world and at 5 years old we’re in a really good position to do this.



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