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Meet the pioneers, the innovators, the all round legends who’ve joined the Makerversity community. As always the Makerversity membership is diverse, so who are the first members of Makerversity Amsterdam. When introduced to the members we ask them a few questions to help current members best understand who has joined.

Tell us a bit about what you do?
How can the community help you?
How can you help our community?

Let’s meet them

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Well, a random handful for now.

Saskia Freeke
I work as a freelance Interaction & Visual Designer. Work like visual branding, website, interactive product design, apps and games.  At the moment I’m shifting my focus more to my own arts practise. On my art blog ( I post art every day that I also created that day. I also teach and supervise students at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht School for Games & Interaction.

Being in a space with other awesome makers already helps me to keep exploring and work on new things. I like to work more with electronics/arduino and also 3D printing. Being surrounded by these machines and technology makes me more eager to start new things.

If you want to know anything and my view on things like interaction design, user experience, playful design, patterns, visual design, geometric designs, just ask. I’m also open for collaboration. As some of you already experienced, I like to bake! So I hope I can make everyone happy now and then with something nice like Banana Bread.

Alessandro Iadarola
I am Alessandro, a thinker, maker and designer with an entrepreneurial spirit. I use design as a tool to research entrepreneurial opportunities and business models for the production of sustainable products.

The variety of creatives , makers and entrepreneurs in Makerversity would help me to see my work from different prospectives and help me to push my projects on a business level.

I am always enthusiastic to join new ventures, help in workshops or simply exchange opinion on projects and designs.  You could call me to ask me suggestions on how to work with materials for your design or to figure out together what’s the best way to optimise your resources. I can help you in brainstorming sessions and the making of your projects.


Pim Dekkers

Last year I have started my businesses, setting up an interior design label. To keep my focus, we design dinner and meeting tables at the moment. And serving platters to get people easily acquainted (and less costly) with the brand.

It would be absolutely great if somebody who is 3D designing would like to share his/her experiences with the specific software that this person is using. Generally, I’m always on the look out to hear somebody else’s expertise and skills for inspiration, and would love to meet the latest members. I believe that sooner or later any given bit of information about the community will provide some inspiration.

Well, I’m a passionate woodworker from the origin. So please stop by for any questions and I’m more than willing to answer your questions (behaviour of wood, different types of wood, purchasing etc.)

Amsterdam Made

The goal of the Amsterdam Made community is to bring local production back to the metropolitan area of Amsterdam and thus improve sustainability and give a boost to the local economy.

We would love to hear the stories from all of the innovative makers based at Makerversity – what they are up to and which problems they encounter setting up their businesses.

By creating a solid network of local entrepreneurs, we will function as a link between the Makerversity and our members. At the moment our community consists of over 250 companies, plus a growing group of partners such as retailers, suppliers in raw materials, creatives and makerspaces.

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