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On Saturday 28th October, we hosted a Re~Master workshop as part of this years Make:Shift:Do.

The Re~Master embroidery hack workshop explored new ways to engage with digital technology to learn and innovate craft processes. The workshop engaged audiences of all ages to create part-machine part-handmade embroidery.

The idea is to alternate traditional hand stitching with a completely new, sketch-to-embroidery process, that allows for immediate translation from sketch to digital embroidery.

The advancements in technology offer a new opportunity as long as we learn how to use it to our advantage. This new environment in which robots are becoming part of our lives, rather than intimidating should be seen as an opportunity for the conductive learning environment for evolving traditional craft discipline.

Make:Shift:Do is an annual, nationwide programme of craft innovation workshops for children and young people, 27-28 October 2017




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