Makerversity Work Experience: Dekyong Webb

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We catch up with Dekyong Webb, one of Spring 2017’s Prince’s Trust alumni, as he comes to the end of his work placement with us, to ask about his experience and about what’s up next for him.


So Dekyong, how did you find yourself at Makerversity?

I was presented with a great opportunity through the Prince’s Trust for a Product Design programme week at Makerversity and leapt at the opportunity as it was something I could use to expand my skills away from the academics I learnt from school; an intention of mine I had not yet been able to fulfil. Doing product design was the polar opposite to what I have spent the last 5 years doing which is precisely why I welcomed it with open arms. Sciences can ‘do one.’

What were your first impressions when you arrived?

I really liked it. Like, really liked it. The close-knit environment of individuals all with their own projects working under one roof, where they can help one another in their respective specialist fields – I thought – was brilliant. The idea of providing an area where people can work on their projects without the need for their own expensive machinery really is great and Makerversity provides that service and much more. I liked the open plan of the main room, again adding to the whole communal feel of the workspace.

What did you work on during the Prince’s Trust programme?

We were given a brief to complete by the end of the week. I thought over a few ideas and – naturally – settled on the overly ambitious one. I designed a lamp with a sleek and simplistic design with the intention of it providing different colour temperatures to suit an artist’s preference of what light they would prefer to work in. We spent time learning a variety of design software which would be used to cut vinyl or etch into wood. By the end of the week, my product had come to life! …with the whole exception of the lighting part. Yeahhh, the lamp had no bulb, but it looked good!


What encouraged you to apply for a  work experience placement?

Above everything, the atmosphere of Makerversity is very positive and if I do want to expand my horizons towards the more artistic world of work, here is where I would like to do it.

I worked with Just Got Made,  a company that bring together designers/makers to the suppliers they need. The job description appealed to me as it involved a lot of IT based work – an area I am very comfortable with. This was coupled with events planning, another area of interest due to the huge variation that comes with the job. Every event is unique and I wanted to know the thought process every step of the way and how it would differ between events, how priorities shift etc..


What did you enjoy the most?

Listening in on the talks for getting sponsorships or permission for organising an event somewhere. I particularly liked watching the meeting with the Coin Street representative seeing how the information was passed around, the flow of the conversation and the whole business etiquette in this sector.

What the most challenging task?

Updating the website. The task itself was relatively simple task but was time-consuming and repetitive, resulting in me getting rather restless and finding it difficult to carry out with the utmost efficiency.

What surprised you?

The extent of work required to set up an exhibition. Damn, my feet are sore! Who knew you had to be an athlete for this line of work?

What are your plans moving on from here?

Hopefully look into something marketing or photography-related. The skills and experience acquired over the past eight weeks are sure to come in handy.

Any advice for those looking to apply for a Get Started programme?

Just do it. Look first into what may spark interest on the Prince’s Trust website, they have loads of courses so you are bound to find something right for yourself. After finding a course just apply. The people running it are great and you get to meet new folk with similar interests.

If you want to get into creative work, but don’t know what you want to specialise in, there’s this really great course I’ve heard you can apply to… its called Get Started.

The product design programme is quite encompassing so if you find something you particularly enjoy, go for it. ^^


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