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At Makerversity we do everything we can to protect your privacy and treat your data right. Whether you are a visitor to our website, a participant in our cultural and learning programmes, or none of the above, here is an overview of how we collect and process personal data.


Membership Enquires

If you get in touch with us about becoming a member, we generally ask for your name, email address, and some information about your work / your business. We collect this information in order to best inform you about membership at Makerversity. We often use Google Forms for this, and use G Suite to run our business – you can find Google’s privacy policy here.


Monthly Newsletter

We send out a monthly newsletter, which you can sign up for on this website. We use MailChimp to create our newsletters, and you can check out their privacy policy here. We will only send you newsletters with your explicit consent, and you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking a link at the bottom of each newsletter.


Cultural and Learning Programmes

We run a public cultural programme of events, workshops and hackathons, and a learning programme where we work with various groups of young people and young adults. We use Eventbrite to register people for public programme events – you can find Eventbrite’s privacy policy here. As it’s part of our core mission to promote diversity in making, we sometimes ask participants to provide demographic information such as gender or ethnicity: we do this so that we can ensure that we have a diverse mix of participants, and you may opt out of this.



We use WordPress to run our website, and we use Google Analytics to track our web traffic. These services make use of a few functional cookies – small files which are sent from our website and stored on your computer. You can block or delete these from your computer at any time. You can find the WordPress privacy policy here, and the Google Analytics privacy policy as part of the general Google privacy policy, linked above. We do not use non-functional or third party cookies on our website, which would require you to opt-in.


How Your Data is Used 

Your data is processed so that Makerversity can provide services to you. We only collect the data we need to deliver these services, and only keep it as long as is necessary. We only share your data within our organisation and employees, and will not share it with third parties except with explicit consent from you.

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Version date: May 2018




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