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Last week Tom showcased Makerversity DIY at the STEAM Carnival in Long Beach, Los Angeles. STEAM Carnival is a unique event which aims to reimagine the way we learn. It does this through tech-infused game attractions and carnival-inspired fun. We were lucky enough to be invited to showcase our content with our hosts Autodesk, with whom Makerversity are collaborating on a variety of projects.

The Carnival had 7000 visitors over two days and Tom gave lessons on making a digital webcam microscope, making a digital musical instrument, and making a uniform using a vinyl cutter and a heat press.

The lessons are part of Makerversity DIY, a curriculum of 10 lessons that allow anyone, anywhere, to build their own classroom. Makerversity DIY (Powered by Pearson) will shape the way young people are able to explore core subjects as well as offering a window into career opportunities in the burgeoning design and digital manufacturing industries.


The response to the Makerversity lessons was fantastic and the event showed that there’s a real hunger for these lessons from kids, parents and teachers alike. Despite the sweltering 35 degree heat, a phenomenal 150 young attendees pressed tool belts in the heat press over the weekend.


Makerversity DIY had a brush with fame when Caine from Caine’s Arcade (check out the video of his awesome cardboard-box-arcade here) rocked one of the ‘uniforms’!


We’re really excited about Makerversity DIY and think you should be too! Keep an eye on the website for more information coming soon.



Big thanks go to Aimee Harrison and Pearson’s Tristan Sokol for their invaluable help in running the event.

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