X Factory : A tour from Member Joris Lam

Makerversity Member Joris Lam visits Shenzhen as a continuation of our exchange programme. Here he gives us a tour of X Factory and shares his experience of making in one of the most advanced hardware cities in the world.

Innozen Design: A Better Way to Access China’s Supply Chain

An insight into China’s supply chain and how to enable easier access though knowledge of how each part works with one another.

Introduction to Manufacturing services at Seeed studio

Seeed studio is a one stop shop for makers to take their product to market. Learn more about their services and ask questions directly to Shuyang.

Designing and developing wearable products in China.

Charlie Hu shares his wealth of knowledge on creating and producing smart hardware, wearable products, with special regards to new materials and jewellery production.

An introduction to getting funding from China investors

Serial entrepreneur Martin Hennessey chats to Jiebei Fu, currently launching IEC-Space, a US $5m Shenzhen-based investment fund on how to get investment in Shenzhen: who to approach and what to expect.

From prototype to manufacture, a step by step guide.

Drawing from experience in taking the digital/physical tabletop game Beasts of Balance through the manufacturing process, this talk will give practical insights into the different stages that go into turning a prototype into a mass manufactured product.

Don’t have a product? How to start a service based company.

There is a lot of material online to support product based start ups, but what if you are a start up service provider? What aspects are relevant?

How to build and nurture a creative community.

Uncovering what the typical barriers to successful collaboration are and how to engage with different maker audiences.

Meet The Maker: Common Works

Common Works has developed its practice with a focus on art direction, interactive work, moving image and emerging technologies.

How to get your project off the ground

Joris Lam talks about starting up your business through a combination of rapid prototyping and online viral marketing.

Mass Innovation Ecosystem in Shenzhen and how to engage with it.

Covering all level of resources available in Shenzhen in addition to just manufacturing.