Let’s Push Things Forward

By Makerversity

We have been so caught up in ourselves that we have failed to keep consistent on communications. Well, as of now I am putting a stop to that.

The last few weeks have been very intense and exciting for us. We got the first iteration of the Pearson Lab built, where over the coming year we will be programming a range of events and workshops, but also testing a range of learning through making activities with a range of partners and members coming together to help.

What’s exciting is seeing the crossover of skills and ideas already beginning to happen, with lots of members working on projects together, different members sharing work, and also everyone getting involved in shaping the spaces they are involved in.

Additionally, we have had tonnes of fantastic new members join us!


In the background, we are constantly iterating and tweaking the workspaces as we are learning about our members’ needs and set ups. We are trying to adapt the spaces to reflect this knowledge. One of the things we hadn’t consciously accounted for was the amount of stuff people who make stuff have. We had some spaces set aside but, we very quickly learnt that people who make things have a hell of a lot of stuff. Tools, books, pens, paper, models, materials – you name it. As a result we are looking at different ways of adjusting our space.

Also we have passionately tried to not enforce a style beyond our own brand on the space. We want the space to have a creativity and buzz from the members, and the space to reflect their work and practices.

As a result, we have decided to move away from the white desks we have in the Old Post Room at the moment and use market stall frames. These will allow storage above the desk spaces and will also have sides on so that work can be put up, whilst also allowing the space to be broken up a bit too.

In addition, we have been moving forward with our workshop spaces.

This has been interesting too. We have spaces that are set aside for more messy and loud work – we’re currently developing a woodwork room and a loud machinery room. These have been developing and we have been working with MAKLAB and our new technician.

Additionally, the longer term vision for the spaces is to add quieter and cleaner making facilities throughout the spaces, so there isn’t such a disconnect between the making areas and the non-making areas.

It’s all going on!

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