Introducing M.E.T.A. Café and their Speculative Design Workshop

By Krisi

We ❤ our under-25 members! The enthusiasm, freshness and ambition the U25-ers bring to Makerversity is hugely valuable to us and other members. Our newest are a power team of 3; Nine, Cedric and Raya that make M.E.T.A Café (Meeting to Explore Technology and Art). They work with open minds, exploring ideas through rapid prototyping, experimentation and material innovation. They’re on a mission at Makerversity to have the space and option to enquire and expand their thinking process and to see what can come from it.

We’ve had a chat with M.E.T.A Café to get to know a bit more about them and what they’re up to. Excitingly, next week they’re running an extremely interesting workshop on Speculative Design. Have a read and grab some tickets to work with these young creatives!

Introduce yourselves!
Hi there! We are Nine Parre, Cedric Wiegel and Raya van der Kroon. All three of us are young entrepreneurs and designers with our own fascinations and skillset. Nine graduated as a fashion designer at the ArtEZ Hogeschool Arnhem, and Cedric and Raya graduated as artistic concept developers and project managers at Interdisciplinary Arts Maastricht.

How did you lot meet?
As Raya was looking for a passionate fashion designer to collaborate on her graduation piece about sensual feminism, she got in touch with Nine: immediate creative connections were made! Cedric was also involved in this project as a sound designer, and we started talking about further collaborations after graduating. Every Thursday we met up for a coffee in various cafes around Amsterdam, to talk about starting up as freelance designers and our connected passion for interdisciplinary creations. We wanted to make something together: and that’s how M.E.T.A. Café came to exist!

How do you feel about being makers, creatives and entrepreneurs starting off in this industry? 
The creative industry nowadays is thriving into new directions wherein boundaries of disciplines are overlapping, creating new possibilities for design. We are very excited be part of this development and contribute to it through interdisciplinary projects. It’s an exciting and highly competitive field wherein we hope to contribute a lot!

Why do you think it’s important to collaborate, particularly across different disciplines? 
Interdisciplinary collaboration enables new perspectives and creative processes. Thinking beyond your own disciplines and working with others creates a higher level of conceptuality and effective ways of translating a message. The content of a project can be explored through multiple forms, and by intertwining those, surprise and innovate the creative mind.

What are you hoping to gain at Makerversity?
At Makerversity we hope to get further connected to the creative industry and have interesting network possibilities. It’s a relevant step coming from the academy into the real world of designers, wherein we are still open to explore in a comfortable environment, while working on our personal development and skills. We hope to learn as much as possible, stay connected with the community and grow as creative entrepreneurs.

Why do you think MV is an appropriate space for you to work?
The diversity of entrepreneurs and the possibility of working with the latest maker technologies (3D Printing, Laser Cutting) is a fruitful combination, where theory and practice are combined instantly. This greatly supports interdisciplinary working processes.

What is the importance of speculative design?
Speculative design combines both artistic and design processes. Envisioning a possible future and new forms of expression (through products, methods) is equally as important as solving existent problems. ‘To speculate’ gives us the opportunity to think beyond the obvious and dares us to reach for the impossible.

What should we expect from your workshop?
We will use speculative design as a tool to initiate an intense interdisciplinary exchange, wherein we hope to learn from each other. We also hope to get to know new people in the field and introduce them to M.E.T.A. Café: to expand our network and come up with new ideas of how to further develop our first project!

Thanks to M.E.T.A. Café and we hope to see you at their workshop!

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Posted By Krisi
Managing Director