Introducing : Making Connections

By Esther Ellard

This March, we’re really excited to announce our latest project, ‘Making Connections’.

Making Connections is a project by Makerversity, Maker Collider and Chaihuo Makerspace, with support from The British Council. Together we’re creating a shared resource to explore, develop and nurture creative collaboration between our prospective communities. The project forces us to question the potential that shared resources, tools and kits have to facilitate international collaboration.

We aim to build a go-to resource for makers across the globe to connect and share information. With expert advice, support sessions and an open maker forum for sharing information, we hope to allow makers to grow their creative projects into success stories.

In our first days together we’ve been mapping the Shenzhen Makerspace ecosystem, to deepen our knowledge of how it operates and find ways we can engage with it. 
We’re interested in creating useful links to support our maker businesses in the UK, as well as seeing what role Makerspaces can play in China’s creative industries. It’s an exciting time for Chinese infrastructure as it grows from being the manufacturing hub of the world to a place of innovation.


As a Makerspace, Makerversity plays an interesting role in the design and manufacturing chain.

Makerspaces can be viewed as a think-and-do tank: places where products and ideas are constantly being cooked up.  The closer we get to where products are made the better – especially in terms of supporting the move towards more ethical and sustainable practices.

Making in China is a common conversation amongst our members and we’re interested in supporting that in two ways.  Firstly, we want to create resources to answer the entry level questions – why make? how? what do I need to think about? – and secondly, to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between communities in the UK and in Shenzhen.

You can track the development of this project via our Making Connections website. Or join the conversation in our Making Connections Slack Channel.

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Posted By Esther Ellard