Introducing : Ikra Arshad

By Esther Ellard

Ikra Arshad joined our Under 25’s programme this January. A recent graduate of Camberwell College of Arts, Ikra’s work is bold, ambitious and super playful. Whilst based here, we set Ikra a brief to respond the theme of Activism! In light of recent turbulent events, where division is increasing among citizens we invited Ikra to question: “How can Art and Design bring people together beyond the digital realm?”

Artists Response:
In Rebecca Solnit’s book ‘ A Paradise Built in Hell’ 2010, she investigates world disasters and provides details on how these happenings can bring out the best in us and provide common purpose. Through this animation, I have explored my ideas on how nurturing ourselves is a step forward into positive thinking. Through this action we can help to bring back a sense of control in our lives, providing us with a better drive for more of a meaningful community.

We sat down with Ikra to talk more about her work..

Hi Ikra can you tell us a bit about what you do?
I am a recent graduate from Camberwell College of Arts, I studied fine art Drawing. I would describe my work as a child-like simplicity of exploring the world. The foundations of my work consist of working in my sketchbooks, taking in my surroundings with a playful approach. I like to engage with a wider audience, whether that is through large-scale abstract installations or small simple animations.How have you spent your residency? 
Over the past two months I have become increasingly interested in animating my 2D work. After a short break from university I have started collecting my ideas and drawings to move on to new projects. These include a brief given by Makerversity, mural designs and creating my own personal project. I decided to create my own brief in order to zone in on learning new skills to animate my current work.

What inspires your work?
Outsider art inspires me a lot. Anything by Keith Haring, Jean Du Buffet or Matisse’s cut outs will keep me inspired for days.

What are your future goals / ambitions?
My goal right now is to continue on with my practice and make the best possible use of this time. Right now I’m really just enjoying the next few months to keep producing work, working alongside briefs and doing what I enjoy.


See more of Ikra’s work or follow her on Instagram!



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Posted By Esther Ellard