From Makerversity x Princes Trust course to employment, meet Lucy Jones

By Esther Ellard

From Makerversity x Princes Trust course to employment, meet Lucy Jones

Lucy joined Makerversity via the ‘Get Started’ programme that we run twice a year in partnership with the Princes Trust. For two weeks young people from 18-25years old not in employment or education are set a brief & attend workshops led by our member in order to answer the brief. They develop their creative thinking skills as well as their making skills. At the end of the programme member businesses can offer to host a participant for a work placement, to further develop their skills and develop connections for future employment.

We caught up with Lucy to hear all about her journey from Princes Trust participant to employed by one of our member businesses – Freuds Bazaar

“I’m a creative maker type person, my background is mostly film, it’s what my degree is in, but I’ve always done graphic design and all sorts of other creative stuff.

I was put through to the Prince’s Trust course by Universal Credit in early April. It was pretty last minute and I was a little sceptical going in with basically no idea of what Makerversity or Prince’s Trust was, but it ended up being an incredible experience. It was great to have a group to develop and ideate with, passing ideas and feedback around. Everyone was so nice! It was also great just being in the Makerversity space, filled with really exciting creative stuff happening everywhere.

There was a presentation at the end of the week, which I was not a huge fan off and didn’t end up doing but the team were super supportive and someone jumped in to present my work for me.

We had a reunion a few weeks after the course back at Makerversity where they mentioned opportunities for work experience with companies based here. I ended up with Freuds Bazaar for 2 weeks in June having no idea who they were or what they do, which is where I still am now! They’ve brought me on as their team assistant, where I do bits of admin work alongside design and more creative stuff. Day to day I’ll do some finance, maybe some sourcing then move on to mock-ups, then finish the day working on a video project. It’s crazy busy and a load of fun.

In 10 years I have no idea where I’ll be, I’m just along for the ride to be honest! All I know is I hope to be making things and telling stories full time, maybe even successfully, fingers crossed.”

(Images from Lucy’s time on the Princes Trust course)


To see more of Lucy’s work, check out her instagram here

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Posted By Esther Ellard