Favourite 5 of the year 2017

By Esther Ellard

Take a breather and check out 5 of our favourite products/projects coming out of Makerversity, both London & Amsterdam, this year!

In no particular order…


Walk With Path

Walk With Path is a healthcare company focused on injury prevention, improved mobility and user-centred design and intervention. Their product, the Path Finder, has been developed for sufferers of Parkinson’s disease, providing visual cues in front of the wearer (from a shoe mounted device) to prevent falls and increase independence. They’ve had a busy year prototyping and developing the Path Finder and recently they won the healthcare category of the 2017 Hello Tomorrow Global Startup Challenge! (you can check out their pitch here)


Studio M.E.N

This year Maartje, of Studio M.E.N, hosted a fantastic Skillshare workshop: ‘Groundbreaking Sewing – Zero Waste Pattern’, sharing an innovative attitude to waste-free fashion design. She is a founder of M.E.N. fashion collective, which take traditional gender roles and pulled them out of their original context. This was displayed at this years Amsterdam Fashion Week where they showcased traditional attire, craftsmanship, innovative techniques and athletic influences that are set in diametric opposition. Additionally they showcased some wicked work as part of Museumnacht this year at the Van Gogh Museum. Basically bossed it!


Circadia is an intelligent sleep monitor, therapy lamp and speaker all in one! its combined functions help to improve your sleep, boost your energy and lift your mood…magic! The Circadia team developed their crowdfunding campaigned whilst here at Makerversity and recently won Startup of the Year 2017 at the Wearable Tech Awards! You can find out more and pre-order here

Frank Kolkman

This year Frank, very deservingly, won Young Designer Award at DDW. His incredible design work draws on using design critically to improve and challenge the social, economic and aesthetic implications of current and future technologies. These are some of the reasons why he won: “The inspiring, conceptual and groundbreaking work, but especially the research and working method of Frank Kolkman are very strong. He manages to make his sometimes complex work accessible to a wide audience. His designs offer relevant possible solutions for the healthcare sector and involve patients themselves in their process. He reflects on very urgent issues and on the processes and systems that lie behind them. Despite the often speculative start of his designs, Kolkman does indeed strive for practical implementations and that is unique in his field.” I mean, we don’t really need to say much more do we?



The future of flat pak furniture! Oliver Theobald of FUZL designs and makes furniture that clips together with minimal effort and no tools required…simple! Made from CNC’ed plywood and with clever metal clips in various finishes this furniture is sturdy as hell (trust us, we’ve tried and tested them) but still super easy to put together (and take apart, if you’re so inclined). Oliver has been busy developing the range and finishes on these and is now showing them off to the world. You can check out what he’s been up to on his instagram.



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Posted By Esther Ellard