Working Lunch – Tell Your Story & Get the Media to Listen

Tuesday 17th April 2018, 14:00 — 15:00

Tell your story & get the media to listen with Rob Orchard from Slow Journalism

You’ve tweaked your product or service to perfection and now you need the world to know about it. In this talk we’ll give you the editor’s view on how to get stories placed, focusing on what the media is looking for, how to approach them, and how to stand out from the crowd. We’ll have a short session on how to make infographics to promote your work, and answer practical questions about how to get coverage without shelling out for a PR company (good news – you can do everything they can do, but better!).

Rob Orchard is the co-editor of Delayed Gratification, the Slow Journalism magazine, published from Makerversity since 2015. It’s an award-winning independent publication filled with long form features and infographics which looks back on the big events after the dust has settled and is proud to be ‘last to breaking news’. Rob’s been a journalist for 17 years and knows all the tricks of the trade: he’ll help you get noticed in the noisy media landscape.


Working Lunch’ is a series of talks, workshops and one to one sessions organised as part of the Makerversity Community Programme, connecting startup businesses with industry professionals and business support.
This event is open to Makerversity and Somerset House tenants only.

Tuesday 17th April 2018
14:00 — 15:00

Makerversity, Somerset House, Strand WC2R 1LA