Tools for Change with Jeremy Deller

Monday 8th January 2018

In conversation with Jeremy Deller will explore the thinking behind some of his most famous work relating to protest, and how he sees his work and art / making more generally as a tool for change (or not).

This talk is part of Makerversity’s Tools for Change programme addressing the big societal issues of our time through fostering collaboration between makers and the public. This programme aims to investigate the role that design can play in creating clever and radical solutions to the problems facing our modern world.

In this inaugural event we take a look at PROTEST and ask the question : How can we design for activism?

Jeremy Deller is a prominent English conceptual, video and installation artist best known for his political and social themes. Deller is unique in his attempts, and his work is a collaborative representation of different political and social aspects, and most importantly they are a symbol of the devaluation of artistic ego within the process of involvement of other people in his the creative process.

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Monday 8th January 2018

Makerversity, Somerset House