Tools For Change : Activation Session

Wednesday 25th April 2018, 19:00

Clean air is a human right.

In 2018 London breached it’s annual pollution limit in the first month and is the greatest health problem facing cities. Until systematic changes have been made by government how can we make radical change?

This April we are running a 2 day hack to tackle air pollution using our community of designers, makers and technologists.

Join us for the opening activation session where we will be learning insights from the latest research on the global perceptions on climate change, interrogating the brief, defining specific problem areas and beginning the ideation process.


Stop killing Londoners is a non violent direct action campaign, by Londoners, for Londoners.  Aiming to pressure London government for the most robust political response possible in light of our air pollution crisis. There have been over 30 direct actions in 8 months which resulted in local and national press coverage and opened a direct dialogue with the mayors policy advisors .

Based in London, Clare is a sustainable fashion and textiles consultant, product developer and educator. Her work is always critically focussed on environmental impacts and ethical responsibility in design and the interconnection between these fields with business and politics.

Currently she is working actively on these issues in clothing customisation work/workshops under the #BODYPOLITIC project, using the body as a message. More recently she has been actively campaigning on London’s air pollution crisis with Stop Killing Londoners,

Clive is one half of the award winning design agency This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll.

This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll involves itself in projects that use design / creativity to inspire positive change. Their work includes the iconic redesign of the Brixton Pound, helping create alternative currency organisation the IMA and founding the nation-state-of-mind ‘Brixtopia’, with collaborators BodyPolitic.

Andrew Grieve 

Senior Air Quality Analyst
Environmental Research Group, Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine, King’s College London

“After suffering from asthma as a child, Andrew studied Environmental Science at Stirling University with a focus on air pollution. Andrew joined the monitoring team at King’s in 2005 and has combined his twin passions of air quality and technology to pioneer many of the group’s air quality apps and communications technologies.”

Host: Solitaire Townsend 

Solitaire has been trying to make the world a better place for nearly 30 years. As co-founder of the change agency Futerra, which uses the logic of sustainability strategy and magic of creativity for positive change. She advises governments, charities and brands like Danone, Lancôme and Vodafone. With 70 Futerrans now working in London, Stockholm, New York and Mexico City she admits that making the world a better place was a pretty good business plan. You can watch her TEDx talks online and read her in the Guardian, Huffington Post, Forbes and more often as @GreenSolitaire.

See below for the full Programme:

Tools for Change Activation Workshop, April 25th

Tools for Change Exhibition, May 28th – June 3rd

Tools for Change Talk, May 31st

Tools for Change DIY Solar Panel Workshop, June 2nd

Wednesday 25th April 2018

Makerversity, London