Saturday 8th April 2017

IoT City Hack

Saturday April 8th + Sunday April 9th

After a dramatic sprint to the entry deadline , we ended up with a treasure trove of amazing ideas for the ITCH makerthon. We spent most of this week deliberating on the final five and we’re very pleased to be announcing them here!

Antonio Reyes Lua

Hailing from our friends at TU Delft, Antonio’s idea aims to connect the crowd through IoT sign posting: combining voice recognition, multiple data sets and beautiful design this idea aims to create a seamless service throughout the city.

Joris Lam

The smoking ban, increasing numbers of tourists and warm spring nights have all contributed to noise pollution in the Red Light District. Ever the fun maker, Joris’ idea turns a ‘good telling off’ into a fun and even rewarding way to keep it down whilst enjoying an al fresco beer.

Jonathan Carter

Bridging the gap between online grocery shopping and balancing a kilo of vegetables on your bike’s handle bars, Jonathan’s idea combines smart product tec with a seamless service offering, to create a uniquely Amsterdam offering.

Danger Lab

Not only do Duncan and Gustavo have the best company name, they’re also pretty nifty when it come to public pleasing ideas. Their idea attempts to sonify Amsterdam’s bikes and canal ring to create a City Symphony that reacts to real time data.

Story Pix

Paul Ruseler and his team have developed a unique way of creating art spaces within the cities’ unused spaces. Using the Rijkmuseum’s extensive data catalogue, Story Pix’s idea combines static and real time data to create connection and interaction through art works.

Saturday 8th April 2017

Makerversity, Marineterrein, Kattenburgerstraat 5, 1018 JA Amsterdam, Netherlands