Product design sketching

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Introduction to the Product Sketch basics
Lets draw over the fear of blank paper! We’ll be learning how to draw and control a line, from doodling to perspective drawings with shading and basic forms.

Anything you like to doodle and sketch with goes. Paper and some pens will be provided but do bring your own material you feel comfortable with. Bring your sketchbook or previous work you struggle with or want to improve. We can have a look at it depending on the day.

Basic kit:
Bic pen (black or blue)
Markers (greys and soft colours)
Felt pen (for thicker lines)
Pencil variations and sharpeners
Sketchbook, white paper, tracing paper (if you already have it or thin paper), …

Frederik studied Product development in Antwerp and Vehicle Design at the Royal College of Art. He’s currently a freelance product and transportation designer working for clients within: aviation, consumer products and concept design. He’s always keen on creating some kick-ass sketches. Check out some of his work on his website.

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Makerversity, Somerset House