Pharma Food Labs : Bio-bodies

Friday 9th February 2018

At the core of any making process, materials define the limitations of design, raise questions around social and ethical manufacturing processes and create the primary interface between us and our experienced world.




In the third part of this series, Makerversity delves deeper into synthetic biology; exploring the applications and ethics of this radical technology through the lens of pharma and food.

In this series we’ll be debating whether we should have unfettered access to medical information and who has the right to decide? How CRISPR is creeping into our kitchens and the ethical conundrums of lab-grown meat. Should we harvest celebrity meat and who would you want to eat?

Join us to digest this meaty conversation through a series of experimental dining experiences.

In our Bio-bodies evening we will be joined by Anna Dumitriu, Ilya Levantis among others to talk about data privacy, who our genetic data belong to and whether the use of personalised drugs by others should be regulated and how?

Expect an edible feast of thought provoking courses, a quick-fire speed dating style Q&A and a meatier cultured course with invited guests.

Confirmed speakers:

Anna Dumitriu

Anna Dumitriu is an internationally renowned British BioArtist working with emerging technologies, combining fine art and craft techniques with microbiology, genomics and synthetic biology. She has exhibited at venues including The Picasso Museum Barcelona, ZKM, Science Gallery Dublin, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, and Eden Project.

Ilya Levantis 

Ilya Levantis is one of the directors of London Biohackspace, the first community biology lab in the UK registered to work with genetic modification (GM). In addition to his work on creating open-source standard operating procedures for working with genetic modification in community labs, he has been involved in a number of collaborations that connect academia with DIYBio.

Burton Nitta

Based in London, Burton Nitta is an interdisciplinary art and design studio founded by Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta, who collaborate with science and technology to investigate our future world and human evolution.

Previous works such as After Agri, Algaculture, The Algae Opera, The Republic of Salivation and The Instruments of the Afterlife are published and exhibited internationally from MoMA, New York to the V&A Museum, London.

Andy Franzkowiak

Andy is an award-winning creative producer and curator who specialises in cultural projects involving art and science, and site-specific works, including exhibitions. His work includes the critically acclaimed Enlightenment Café – a series of multidisciplinary art and science collaborations, notable productions include; Deadinburgh, Edinburgh and New Atlantis, London.

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Friday 9th February 2018