Maker Demo – Turn & Flow

Monday 16th March 2020, 19:00 — 21:00
Turn welcomes you to an evening of launches including a short film and our first crowdfunding campaign.

About this Event

This Monday 16th March we are launching our first crowdfunding campaign as well as a short film about how we, as a society, deal with blood. Turn is developing the technology and infrastructure to recycle organic pads and tampons. Rather than polluting the planet by sending them to landfill, incinerating them or flushing them down the toilet, we want to make used menstrual care products into a source of renewable energy and natural fertiliser.

What’s the film about?

We have collaborated with London-based filmmaker Niamh Farrelly to tell the story of menstruation through the eyes of three women on day one of their cycles. Starting to uncover why it is tricky menstruating in a world that doesn’t know how to deal with blood, the film explores how current habits have terrible environmental impacts.

This has been made with no budget and is entirely voluntary. Everyone involved, from actors to editors, have done so to highlight why we need to change the conversations surrounding menstruation.

So why are we crowdfunding?

We’ve called in all the favours (thank you by the way!) and our next step is a feasibility study (trial) at Cranfield University. Together, we need to raise £15,000 so that we can:

  • Prove that the core technology for Turn will work
  • Quantify the energy potential of waste and the quality of fertiliser
  • Form a partnership with industrial processing facilities to run the pilot
  • Highlight the regulatory and legal limitations associated with the system

Can I come?

The event, film and Turn system is for everyone, not just for people who menstruate. Menstruation isn’t a women’s issue, it’s an everyone issue: we need everyone’s help.

See you there!

Love, Turn

Makerversity is based in Somerset House. Please arrive inside the New Wing entrance just before 7.30pm, a runner will then come and collect you. The New Wing entrance is by bus stop B off Lancaster Place following on from Waterloo Bridge.

Monday 16th March 2020
19:00 — 21:00

New Wing, Somerset House
West Goods Service Yard, Victoria Embankment