Inspired by Ideas : Film night

Wednesday 15th November 2017

To coincide with Tools for Change, Aesthetica Short Film Festival have curated a unique reel focusing on reimagining themes of protest and activism in the contemporary sphere.

From the daily, inner decisions of individuals to the ritualistic nature of mass activism seen in, for example, the inauguration of Donald Trump, these shorts broaden the mind and question what it means to take a stand.

Agents Of Change

Year: 2017

Director: Alice Russell

Synopsis: “Sometimes there are times to bomb a bank, or kidnap a political autocrat, or have a peaceful demonstration. But sometimes, you party.” Through ritual and metaphor on the streets of London, set against the inauguration of Donald trump, organiser Joshua Virasami reflects on our individual agency to collectively change society.

Length : 4.36


Year: 2016

Director: Nerea Castro Andreu

Synopsis: Mar and Xara meet in a remote mountain land. All is set to leap into hiding.

Length : 14.30

Book Report

Year: 2017

Director: Jeanne C. Finley & John Muse

Synopsis: Book Report combines short sequences of Mad Men’s Don Draper reading books, relevant facts about the 2016 presidential campaign, a history of the hashtag #trumpbookreport, notes on a payment to the mysteriously named “Draper Sterling” ad agency—and a choral voice-over that reinterprets the infamous Access Hollywood transcript.

Length : 13.30

Little Bird

Year: 2017

Director: Georgia Oakley

Synopsis: It’s London 1941 and the women of Great Britain have been called upon to aid the war effort, freeing up men for action. Little Bird explores how far one young woman will go to create a new life for herself and what she is willing to leave behind.

Length : 10:40

The Catch

Year: 2017

Director: Holly Brace-Lavoie

Synopsis: The Catch is a short film about a young girl named Morgan who loves fly fishing in the river near her home. She also likes a boy. But boys don’t like girls who fish. Morgan can’t seem to reconcile her two interests. Will she have to choose one over the other?

Length : 14.39

Age rating: 15

The Aesthetica Short Film Festival programme showcases the best in short film from a range of genres and narratives.

The current festival runs from the 8-12 of November 2017.

See below for the full programme here

November 7th : Tools for Change : Activation Session

November 13th : A Brief History of Protest : Talk

November 15th : Inspired by Ideas : Film night

November 16th : How to Resist : Turn protest to power : Matthew Bolton

November 18th & 19th : Tools for Change : Exhibition

Novmeber 18th : Banner Making Workshop : Ed Hall & Sabina Weiss

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Makerversity, London