Grind : Melt : Mould

Saturday 2nd December 2017

Learn how to mould recycled plastics this Christmas, with a gift to take away made by yourself a STEW Bowl. This workshop is an introduction into closed loop plastics manufacturing on a small scale! You will get the opportunity to sort, grind and mould plastic and learn how this can be done a smaller scale to that of an industrial facility. Using DIY machines and a Low Tech approach to industrial moulding you will be guided through a new era of plastic manufacture. What better time of year to explore the importance of recycling and closed loop manufacture.

You will learn to make a STEW Bowl product from start to finish and be taken through every stage of a circular manufacturing process with plastic, with the bowl yours to take home. You will also learn how reprocessing works after a product is no longer useable, making sure that the material can be reused over and over again. You will also get the chance to discuss as we go along the themes and concepts behind circular manufacture.

What Experience do I need?

This is aimed at adults with any interest in design, making or craft. Beginners are totally welcome, as you will be guided through the whole process. Enthusiasm for sustainability and eco-design is always welcomed. This workshop has a take-away item so perfect for those who want a personalised gift to give away this festive season.

What will I make?

You will make a STEW Bowl to take home, starting with raw household waste. From grinding to prepping and moulding whilst also having opportunity to discuss ideas and concepts in the midst of making your bowl.

Who will be teaching me?

Happenstance Workshop is a design company based in South-East London with a focus on eco-effective product design and manufacture. A 3-Person team of designer-makers who like to tinker and chat.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring any HDPE -2- plastic (Look on the bottom of the bottle) with interesting colours you might want to use to personalise your own Bowl, we will have plenty of plastic to bulk it up with (Each Bowl uses aprox 100g). A sketchbook or journal may also be useful if you want to discuss further.

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Saturday 2nd December 2017