Drawing Workshops – Life Drawing Movement

Saturday 21st August 2021, 12:00 — 13:30

An opportunity to discover the joy of mixing the traditional aspects of life drawing with capturing the human figure in motion.

About drawing the human figure in motion

Learning to draw movement in life drawing enables those interested in sketching life in real time to draw the moments they want to capture faster. It is a great tool for those who want to perfect quick but accurate sketches, or are looking into the avenues of animation and action as well as those who are new to drawing and would simply like to learn a skill in a fun and challenging way.

Life Drawing Movement

Illustrator Sophia Nasif began these classes during lockdown, where she collaborated with dancers who were also struggling with work due to the pandemic. The classes proved popular with artists of all levels from across the globe, from complete beginners to those with years of experience.

The class format consists of sections with warm up drawing exercises, continuous movement sketching, and traditional timed poses, with long and short timings. The continuous movement is unique to each dancer’s individual style and background, with different shapes and patterns to draw from each session.

Bring whatever drawing tools and materials you wish to use – for continuous movement, something fluid such as ink or watercolour works beautifully. You can also challenge yourself with something new – why not try saving different types of paper to try drawing on, such as the brown packaging paper from an Amazon delivery?

Basic paper, charcoal, ink, paintbrushes and pencils will also be available.

Tickets are available for in person or virtual


Please go to the New Wing reception of Somerset House . Just off Lancaster Place following on from Waterloo Bridge. Please wait and we will collect you

Please wear a face covering, there will be spare incase.

For Student or Concession rates please email hello@makerversity.org

Saturday 21st August 2021
12:00 — 13:30

New Wing, Somerset House
West Goods Service Yard, Victoria Embankment