Dutch Design Week 2017

By Makerversity

How great has Dutch Design Week been so far!

We’ve been having a great time visiting all the exhibitions and are particularly proud that so many of our wonderful Makerversity Amsterdam members have been involved in such a variety of exhibitions and events.

Four of our members also self-initiated an exhibition as part of Dutch Design Week titled ‘Conscious Creativity’.

So we couldn’t help ourselves show-off what a great amount of work was on display from our members….



Frank Kolkman

Critical designer and a speculative researcher, who is interested in exploring the social, economic and aesthetic implications of current and future technologies. Frank is also a finalist for a DutchDesign Awards for Young Designer 2017. Vote here!

The Hex House

A dignified dwelling for displaced people. Back them here!


Samy Andary

Crescent Vision believes online medical education can be improved by bridging the knowledge gap between medical students and surgeons. They do this by enabling students to obtain first-hand experiences through virtual reality modules recorded using wearable camera technology.


Pim Dekkers

Unique items, perfectly handcrafted from the finest materials to ensure lifelong enjoyment. Their designs combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary expressions. Exhibiting at Piet Hein Eek from the 21 – 29 October.




Four of our members also self-initiated an exhibition as part of Dutch Design Week titled ‘Conscious Creativity’. The group aim to inspire and expand the horizon of the creative industry and go beyond the boundaries between disciplines, inventing and implementing efficient and sustainable processes to envision and forecast the built environment of the future.

Conscious Creativity:

Imagination of Things

Imagination of Things is exhibiting documentation of their methodology, a design fiction workshop for fabricating alternatives, most recently exercised with iArts Maastricht students. Along side this they are also showing videos of their performances and interventions around the themes of the urban experience, human encounters, and the circular economy community.





“We craft plastic – a selection of circular design stories that empower communities to contribute to the design of their future city, through the recycling of plastic with local communities. The focus is on the design process and material experimentation, the outcome varies from coins to façade tiles.”



Atmospheric Wood

“Since the dawn of our existence, we’ve looked up at the night sky to find patterns and purpose to the stars. That inspired Atmospheric Wood, an experimental research project that explores unconventional treatment for wooden surfaces, exposing and celebrating them with immersive atmospheric patterns and tonalities.”


Duncan Gidney

Quartet is a data driven musical instrument. When bikes pass over a bridge, a wireless signal is sent to the instrument, triggering a specific note. Quartet provides a way to hear the music of the city, allowing people to play the city and hear their contributions in real time.




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