Not a slow news day, Delayed Gratification

By Krisi

Focusing on the facts beginning to end and not being the first to the party is why Makerversity Members, Slow Journalism are leading the way in covering actual news. Producing a beautifully crafted retrospective quarterly magazine aptly name Delayed Gratification.


Published 3 months after the dates covered. The “latest” issue will have its facts straight, meaning there wont be any need for embarrassing recalls or shallow apologies.

To see why this is important, watch Editor Rob Orchard’s TED Talk.

delayed-gratification-jan delayed-gratification-house-of-cards delayed-gratification-chicken  

Articles are exhibited in long form, in-depth, with visually stunning photography and award winning infographics. High quality is an understatement.

If you’d like to get your hands on #18 for free use promotion code ‘social20’. It will entitle you to a free issue when taking out an annual subscription.

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Posted By Krisi
Managing Director