Contactless Chickens

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Makerversity members, ONN Studio have been working with FAI Farms to prototype a smart hen coop that will study the laying habits of hens.

With there being well over 20 billion chickens in the world. Understanding the habits of this diet staple is paramount to sustainable and efficient farming.

Delayed Gratification chickographic

Delayed Gratification chickographic

And as the Modern Agriculture Foundation announces plans for lab-grown chicken meat, seen in other Makerversity Members,Slow Journalism publication, Delayed Gratification. Not only can see a lot of effort goes into getting chicken and eggs to your plate, but compared to the amount of other creatures on earth, the chicken reigns supreme.

So what’s involved with tracking chickens and their egg laying habits?

The Idea

The idea

ONN Studios found that the main problem in egg production is simply, to understand which hen has laid which egg. However the solution is more complicated. It involves using a combination of sensors, to detect when an egg has been laid, as well as RFID technology (the same technology as used in London Oyster Cards), to indicate which hen is currently roosting in a coop.

John in a coop

John coding in a coop

Early test versions of the coops are being tested at Groundwork, a community garden in Hackney.

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