Call for Participants: Re-Making Place Civic Hack!

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City Co-Labs: Re-Making Place

Our City Co-Labs series explores how future cities will emerge through radical collaborations across disciplines, from tech and architecture to design and activism – looking at local concerns to challenge wider urban issues around sustainability, accessibility and social change.

Join our Activation Session – Friday June 28th

Our Re-Making Place Civic Hack in partnership with the Northbank BID,  part of London Festival of Architecture, will explore how citizens interact with each other and with the public spaces within our cities.

How can we create new conversations around the use of public space in cities in terms of inclusion, interaction and civic good?

In our Activation session, designers, architects and activists will explore different approaches to inclusivity, interaction and place-making in public city spaces, from activism and inclusion to challenging architecture’s social and political role.

Sign up for the Civic Hack: 29th-30th June

Makerversity’s Civic Hacks address the big social issues of our time. Fostering collaboration between makers and the public, we explore design’s role in creating radical solutions to the problems we face. The Civic Hack will be exploring the future city via the way we use and design its public spaces. In partnership with the Northbank BID, their ongoing project to pedestrianise the Strand-Aldwych area will be used as a starting point to develop innovative ideas and conversations around the function of public city spaces in London and beyond.

We are inviting makers across a range of disciplines, from tech to architecture and product design,  to come up with new tools, systems and solutions create new products, systems and design tools which seek to re-imagine the function of public space in the city of the future. Three briefs will focus on different problems and solutions to re-design and re-imagine these spaces:

How can we design interventions which improve inclusion and collaboration in city public space?

How do we use technology to improve the ways we navigate the city and interact with each other?

How do we place-make and develop cities for civic benefit? 

We will be opening the Civic Hack to the public so that everyone can come and express their use of public space in London alongside our judging panel of experts. The design processes and outcomes of the Hack will be displayed in an exhibition in Somerset House in September, during London Design Festival.

The winning team for the Civic Hack will receive a cash prize of 1000£ and a 6-month Northbank BID residency at Makerversity to develop their project.

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