BRM Lasers & Makerversity

By Adam Leedham


In July 2018 BRM and Makerversity London developed a partnership to provide making opportunities through their relationship and a base in London for BRM to help achieve their ambition of becoming the best laser cutter company in the world.

Through this partnership, Makerversity has been able to do three things:

  • Put the best laser cutter in the world in the hands of the best makers
  • Document stories of ambitious and creative projects produced with the BRM laser cutter
  • Give a central London showcase to BRM lasers at Makerversity

BRM Laser Cutter Use — 2018 Overview (July – September)
1830 Minutes spent lasering on the BRM laser since July when our BRM Laser was installed
120 Different bookings
26 Different members have used the machine for projects (1 showcased here)
11 Inductions taught by Makerversity experts to Makerversity members  

As you can see, we have had 26 members and collaborators working with the BRM laser cutter on a whole variety of projects. From soil testing stations to shoe designs with materials from acrylic and glass to pineapple leather.

Makerversity x BRM
Below, we have showcased one very specific project by Freddie Yauner. Freddie has been a member of Makerversity since our very beginnings in 2013.


Freddie Yauner


Freddie Yauner is an artist and social entrepreneur bridging the worlds of design and social enterprise. His work is included in the permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Design Museum in London and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Project: What I’m Looking at

What I’m looking at is a mirrored mask that allows you to see what the wearer is looking at.

“The hope is to make a hundred of them to send out around the world to create a global photography project.”
“If I get them to people who are doing interesting jobs or live interesting lives or have fascinating stories to tell it should reveal a lot about the world.”

How has the BRM laser helped you?
“I wouldn’t really have been able to make these without a laser cutter. Being able to test prototypes and make quick decisions like; should I make arms for them? What shape should they be? Should I have fixings and so on. So the precision and the speed of the laser cutter has allowed me to explore that. Also the knowledge that you can make quick batches at low cost is what excites me the most about the laser cutter.”

What do you think of BRM?
“Can I come for tea?
Maybe there’s a synergy that I want this to become a worldwide project that comes from a BRM Laser cutter in Somerset House and potentially there is a little PR collaboration with the best laser company in the world”

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Posted By Adam Leedham