The benefits of working in an international co-working space

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One of our fantastically innovative members, Roger Bacon, have written an article about how their company benefits from the environment Makerversity fosters. Roger Bacon create perfectly fitted eyewear using innovative technology, and utilise their experience at Makerversity to inspire their practice and products. Have a read of what they have to say!

How we innovate the eyewear industry by looking outside of our field of expertise
To stay ahead of the game, we try to question everything and look beyond our own industry. Over the years this way of thinking has become a vital part of our company culture. It’s not only driving our product development, but also plays an important aspect in our daily lives. As an eyewear company we like to work on the cutting edge of technology and design. This is how we innovate; this is what makes our company tick.

An office or workspace? Try both
To make sure we stay relevant we surround ourselves with people coming from different backgrounds. So it’s no coincidence that we’re situated in Amsterdam, a creative melting pot with people from all around the globe. We’re housed at Makerversity, a collective workspace and home to a variety of innovative companies, focused on design and technology.

Makerversity’s mission is to catalyse innovation and boost local economies in city centres around the world. It’s more than just a space, Makerversity is a community. With central locations in London and Amsterdam, they want to bring people with all kinds of creative and technical expertise together.

Members are provided with cutting-edge facilities that combine co-working space with clean and messy workshop space, machines, tools and technicians. For us this means we can do rapid prototyping before launching new products. Our business model slogan “Listen — Learn — Improve” is based upon it.

A different perspective
Working in an environment like Makerversity keeps us sharp and on top of the latest trends regarding technology and design. Being surrounded by all these people with a variety of professional expertise and different perspectives is the best inspiration we can get. It gives us the opportunity to look for solutions outside of four industry.

We strongly believe that if you want to make a difference, you need to (quoting Steve Jobs) think differently. We know it’s cliché, but let’s face it, most clichés are true! To soak up new ideas try to placing yourself in an environment with people who have absolutely nothing to do with what you do.
Day in, day out, we work side by side with specialists in social software design, engineering, urban farming or even drone engineering. What they all have in common is an entrepreneurial drive and creative mindset to innovate and to make this world a better place. Besides talking business, a place like Makerversity is great fun.

We Smell The Rain
Just to give an example of the variety of people, we want to introduce our neighbour Kim. Kim runs a design studio called We Smell The Rain, creating contemporary nature inspired installations and limited edition products.

The South African/New Zealand expat was inspired by the great outdoors and large gardens of her formers homes. After experimenting with indoor plants as a hobby, and styling these in unique and interesting ways, Kim found a gap in the market to create stylish solutions that bring the outdoors into the tiny apartments of Amsterdam.

It’s a wrap
Needless to say, we’re a big fan of co-working spaces. An environment like Makerversity gives us the opportunity to stay ahead of the game. The countless possibilities, ideas and different perspectives it offers is priceless.

So when you’re stuck on finding a solution next time, try to look elsewhere. Chances are that the right solution will pop up from an unexpected place.

Check out the original article on their blog or more about Roger Bacon and their fantastic work on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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